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9 Healthy Hellos to Stay Safe While Greeting Others in COVID-19

June 1, 2020

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Smiling woman waves to her West Hartford dentist in COVID-19

Nearly every aspect of our lives has changed in some way due to COVID-19, including how we say hello. Even as the country begins to reopen, it’s essential to remember that the threat of COVID-19 hasn’t passed, and we need to continue to practice social distancing. However, saying hello these days may seem strange if you’re used to giving out handshakes or hugs. Dental safety starts with a healthy hello, so try one of these nine no-touch greetings from your West Hartford dentist instead!

1.) A Friendly Wave

Practicing social distancing may be new, but saying hello doesn’t have to be! A classic, universal way to greet someone or say goodbye is to give a friendly wave.

2.) Bow

If you’d like a more respectful, subtle way to greet someone, you can bow slightly. In Japan, bowing is used to communicate a variety of sentiments, including thank you, I’m sorry, hello, and goodbye.

3.) Hand Over Heart

Recently, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus demonstrated a dignified yet friendly way to say hello by placing his right hand over his heart.

4.) Namaste

The namaste is a traditional salutation from Southeast Asia that shows gratitude and respect. Simply press your palms together at your heart and bow your head slightly.

5.) Shaka

If you’re looking for a more laid-back greeting, try using the shaka. This laid-back island gesture is popular among surfers and beach goers. To create one, make a fist, then extend your thumb and pinky finger.

6.) Footshaking

You may not be able to shake someone’s hand these days, but you can “shake” feet! This somewhat silly greeting has been used around the world to greet others while preventing the spread of germs. Each person stands on one foot, then the two raised feet are tapped together. Just be careful not to lose your balance!

7.) Blow a Kiss

When they are very young, many children are taught to say hello by blowing a kiss. This playful gesture can also be used today as long as your fingers don’t touch your lips.

8.) Air High-Five

If you prefer a more enthusiastic greeting, you can give someone an excited air high-five. To prevent the spread of germs, just ensure your hands stop short several inches away from making contact.

9.) Just Say Hello

A no-touch greeting doesn’t have to be complicated or new. You can always simply verbally communicate your hellos and goodbyes with a sincere smile to stay healthy but connected in COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed how we greet one another, but it hasn’t changed the importance of a heartfelt hello! Use these nine no-touch greetings to safely connect with those around you while staying healthy in the pandemic.

About the Practice

Now and always, our top priority at West Hartford Dental Group is the health and safety of our patients. Our highly experienced team of dental professionals has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting our infection control protocols accordingly. They highly encourage their patients to stay safe and healthy by practicing excellent at-home oral hygiene, regular hand washing, and social distancing. To make a virtual appointment or get emergency dental treatment, please contact them via their website or at 860-606-3953.

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