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Tooth-Colored Fillings – West Hartford, CT

Protect & Strengthen Teeth Affected by Decay

Cavities are one of the top dental problems in the world. In fact, most people will experience decay at least once in their lifetime. At West Hartford Dental Group, Dr. Phadnis and our caring team will help you seamlessly navigate these concerns. We offer discreet and highly effective treatments to prevent and stop the spread of decay, like tooth-colored fillings, ultimately preserving your grin. For questions or to schedule an appointment, call our office today.

Why Choose West Hartford Dental Group for Tooth-Colored Fillings?

  • We Accept Most Major PPO Dental Insurances
  • Patient-Centered Approach to Care
  • Quality Dentistry for the Entire Family

What are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

After exhausting every other option, Dr. Phadnis may recommend a tooth extraction if:

Tooth-colored fillings are minimally invasive, small restorations that we use to stop the spread of cavities and protect teeth that have experienced signs of decay. In the past, cavity fillings were made from a combination of metals, called amalgam. These were unfortunately very noticeable and caused side-effects, like increased dental sensitivity, as a result of not being biocompatible.

Tooth-colored fillings are crafted from a composite resin, which is a completely metal-free material that looks and feels natural. As a result, tooth-colored fillings are able to fuse with your enamel and be custom-shaded to match the same color as your existing tooth.

The Process of Getting a Tooth-Colored Filling

Tooth-colored fillings can typically be placed within a single appointment with our team at West Hartford Dental Group. Dr. Phadnis will prepare the tooth by clearing away any loose debris caused by decay. We’ll then thoroughly clean the area and prepare it by brushing an adhesive on the surface. We’ll then match the shade of composite resin with your tooth’s enamel and shape it to fit the prepared space. After adhering the putty-like resin to the tooth, we’ll harden the material using UV light and texturize the resin to look virtually indistinguishable from your surrounding teeth.

The Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

With tooth-colored fillings in West Hartford, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Natural-Looking Results: Instead of a noticeable metal restoration, you’ll be able to enjoy completely lifelike results that blend in with the rest of your smile.
  • Biocompatible Material: Composite resin has the ability to fuse with natural tooth enamel to create a tight seal and protect your tooth from future threats of decay.
  • Minimal Tooth Alteration: To fit a metal filling within a tooth, more of the natural tooth’s structure needs to be removed. However, due to composite resin’s biocompatible nature, tooth-colored fillings are able to preserve more of your dental structure.
  • Affordable Cavity Treatment: Tooth-colored fillings are comparable in cost to amalgam fillings and are now the gold standard for cavity treatment, making them mostly covered by many dental insurance plans.
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