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Leave It to the Professionals: The Dangers of DIY Braces

April 20, 2020

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Person receiving clear aligners from dentist

These days, it seems like you can’t turn on the TV without seeing an advertisement for some form of DIY clear aligners. They promise to do the same job as traditional orthodontics or Invisalign with a dentist at a fraction of the cost. They pepper in some pictures and testimonials to try and establish their legitimacy.

Even worse, there is an online trend of vloggers teaching people how to make their own braces out of household supplies. While the prospect of saving some money might be tempting, these DIY options come with substantial physical and financial risks.


Keeping it Together: Everyday Tips to Maintain Your Smile

April 4, 2020

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Woman with chipped tooth at dentist

A warm, inviting smile can tell others that you’re approachable and friendly. Unfortunately, even if you brush and floss every day and make regular visits to the dentist, simple things that you do routinely can put your smile at risk. The two biggest daily risks to your teeth are chipping and staining. However, a little bit of common sense can keep you smiling and save you from a trip to the dentist.


Why Does My Tooth Hurt? Top 10 Reasons from a Dentist

March 18, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — westhartford @ 2:47 pm
woman with toothache talking to dentist

Lately, have you found yourself asking, “why does my tooth hurt?” If so, you’re not alone. Toothaches are a fairly common problem and wanting to know the reason behind your pain is quite understandable. That’s why a dentist has written this guide on the ten most common reasons why you might have tooth pain.


3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Confidence

March 5, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — westhartford @ 2:09 pm
woman in gray sweater smiling after seeing cosmetic dentist

Maybe you’ve succeeded so far in one of your 2020 New Year’s resolution to exercise more often. But what about your other resolution to be a more self-confident person? Going to the gym has certainly helped a little, but you could always be more confident. One easy way to boost your self-esteem is to visit your cosmetic dentist to improve the appearance of your smile. Keep reading to learn how cosmetic dentistry can benefit you.


Why and How You Should Clean Your Tongue

February 20, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — westhartford @ 3:35 pm
person sticking out their tongue

Do you ever have bad breath, even though you just diligently brushed and flossed your teeth? More often than not, the problem doesn’t lie with your brushing technique, but with the fact that you may not be properly cleaning your tongue. Since your tongue makes up a large portion of your mouth, it’s important that you keep it clean. Luckily, a dentist is here with some advice on how and why you should clean your tongue.


How Does Gum Disease Affect Your Heart?

February 3, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — westhartford @ 2:46 pm
young couple in gray sweaters holding red heart

The month of February is often associated with the color red, from bouquets of roses to heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. One red thing that we don’t often think of in February is red gums caused by gum disease. Because February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, as well as the month of love, now seems like the perfect time to talk about the established connection between gum disease and the health of your heart. Read on as a dentist explains the link, and how you can save your heart by taking good care of your gums.


How Routine Dental Checkups Protect Oral Health and Save Money

January 25, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — westhartford @ 9:48 pm
A woman smiling outside.

Millions of Americans put off going to the dentist for a number of reasons. They might do so because they have other plans that get in the way or they simply think they are saving money. After all, if there’s nothing glaringly wrong with your oral health, why should you bother? The fact of the matter is, according to a dentist, skipping routine visits can spell major trouble for your long-term oral health and even your systemic health. Here’s why you should always stay committed to routine dental checkups and cleanings, even if nothing is wrong with your teeth or gums.


How Is Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste Supposed to Be Used?

January 13, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — westhartford @ 7:25 pm
A tube of charcoal toothpaste being applied to a toothbrush.

If you’ve been looking for ways to whiten teeth on your own time, you may have come across products that advertise “activated charcoal” on their labels. This relatively new trend has been hitting stores all over the country, and it’s causing dental patients to give them a second look. However, it’s important to keep some points in mind in order to utilize these products safely. To learn how this method of teeth whitening works, keep reading!


Why Does My Tooth Hurt? A Dentist Gives You 10 Possible Reasons

December 11, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — westhartford @ 2:37 pm
Woman in dental chair touching her cheek

When it comes to dental problems, many people think that cavities are the only threat they have to worry about. But the truth is that there are many different reasons for tooth pain, some of which may surprise you. By learning about what can go wrong with your teeth, you’ll be better equipped to prevent these problems. So if you’re asking yourself, “Why does my tooth hurt?” keep reading below to learn about 10 common reasons for tooth pain.  


4 Flu Season Tips from Your Dentist

December 4, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — westhartford @ 9:23 pm
woman blowing her nose

It’s December, which means we have officially entered cold and flu season. If you’re susceptible to sickness, then sleepless nights, constant sniffling, and high fevers might be in your future. Fortunately, there are plenty of home remedies you can employ, but they can actually be detrimental to your dental health. A dentist is here with four flu season tips to keep your teeth in great shape this time of year.

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